Kickstart your IT Career in Latvia with Accenture

Kickstart your IT Career in Latvia with Accenture

I could not have imagined that I would come across such an important opportunity in a small country like Latvia. The bootcamp programs that I started researching on the recommendation of my university professor ended happily for me. I want to tell you a little bit about what these opportunities are and how you can benefit from them.

I learned about bootcamp programs from the recommendation of my English teacher at university. As far as I know, two global companies offer this program here. One is Deloitte, the other is Accenture, where I actively work. I have just recently learned that Deloitte has such a program, so I don’t have any idea about Deloitte’s bootcamp program. In this post, I will tell you about Accenture’s bootcamp program.

At the beginning of my second month here, I learned about this program and started researching the details. I got all the details about the program on and applied for the program that fit my schedule based on the program calendar. The bootcamp I applied for was called “AWS Cloud Engineer”. You cannot participate in these programs without a residence permit, so I paid attention to choosing a program with a date after the time I expected to receive my residence permit. Everyone who applies for the bootcamp is invited to take an English exam and an analytics exam. These exams take place via MS Teams. I took the exams and about a month later, I received the email informing me that I had been accepted into the program.

I don’t remember exactly, but we started the bootcamp on January 28-29. The bootcamp lasted about 12 days and we had an intensive training week the first week. The second week we were asked to work on the final project. The final project would determine who would participate in the internship after the bootcamp. After completing the final project, we finished our bootcamp and now we started waiting to be called for the internship interview. We completed the bootcamp on February 10 and in early March we were called and given a date for the internship interview. Then we took part in the internship interview. In the interview, they asked more personal questions like future plans, expectations rather than technical questions. After successfully completing this interview, we started waiting for the internship acceptance email. I received the internship acceptance email in late March and on April 3 I went to the company for my first day of internship. The first day was like an orientation day, we were informed about the company and received our work computers.

Of course, starting the internship does not mean you will continue working after the internship ends. You need to develop yourself sufficiently and be included in a project before your internship period ends. It took me about six weeks to be included in a project. On the last day of my fifth week, I had an internal company interview to join the project and at the beginning of my sixth week, on May 15, I started working on the project. After completing my trial period in the project as well, we officially signed our contracts to start on June 12.

I have now completed my first month at Accenture Latvia as an official DevOps Engineer. Accenture is a very advanced company in terms of corporate culture and really cares about its employees. Starting my career in Europe at such a company positively affects my thoughts and ideas, I can say. I hope it continues like this.

If you are also in Latvia and want to kickstart your IT career, you can see and apply for Accenture Bootcamp Programs on

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