Starting a New Life in Latvia: 10 Months of Progress and Challenges

Starting a New Life in Latvia 10 Months of Progress and Challenges

Hello friends! For unplanned reasons, I recently changed my abroad route to Latvia all of a sudden, and I have been trying to build a new life here for a full 10 months now. In 10 months, I have experienced many good and bad things. I want to share these with you and, from now on, make life updates and personal notes here at regular intervals.

About a year ago, I graduated from university. Before my university graduation, I always had a plan to go abroad. At first, I wanted to go to Australia. But this plan of mine had to be changed to Latvia due to some problems. For this reason, I applied to Riga Technical University in Latvia in August of last year. I wanted to choose the master’s program in Business Informatics. One of the biggest reasons for this choice of mine was that I had completed a Business Information Systems undergraduate degree. Since the Business Informatics program is a true continuation of Management Information Systems, it perfectly suited my future career plans. After making my choices like this, I passed the school admission interviews, received my admission, and came to Latvia on September 15.

The first few months I came here, I had a lot of free time. At first, I did not start the Master’s since I would start with the foundations course and then start the master’s education, so I had a lot of free time. I spent most of my free time developing myself professionally. Towards the end of October, I applied for the Amazon Cloud Engineer boot camp organized by Accenture, and I was accepted. I received training for two weeks during the first 12 days of February. During the training period, we made an ending project, and participants were scored in this way. About a month after the bootcamp ended, I was called for an internship interview, and an interview day was given. Then I went to the interview, and the interview result came out about a month later. I was accepted for the internship, and I started my internship on April 3.

During the internship, we did special tasks for interns, and we constantly learned new tools. In this way, we were asked to develop ourselves. Since Accenture is a project-based company, we had to get a project to finish our internship. About 2 months later, I was invited for a project interview on May 12, and I started working on the project after the interview on May 15. On June 12, I officially started working as an Analyst. Now I am in a 3-month official trial and follow-up period until September 9. If there is no hitch, my trial period will be over, and I will continue to work.

For now, these are all I can say as a summary of what’s going on. If you have any questions about Latvia, I opened a blog in Turkish; actually, I opened it much earlier, but I could not pay much attention to it due to a lack of time. But now I think I will take care of that blog too. If you want to take a look, you can visit